We need safe spaces; safe spaces to party, safe spaces to love and safe spaces to just be ourselves so doesn’t it make sense to make a safe space for us to vote? Between now and November 3, 2020 the LGBTQ+ community will unite our collective power to host socially-distanced voter engagement drag events to engage first-time voters to vote in this presidential election! Drag To The Polls will coordinate branded pop-up mobilizations to energize the start of early voting periods, amplify local voter engagement efforts, and cultivate safety as we navigate through the 2020 presidential elections. We will show up to the polls to defend our community; our votes will be counted. 

This year, young people and people of color make up a majority of the American electorate. That means we have an incredible opportunity to set the country on a progressive path for generations to come. It also means we have the chance to hold those in power accountable—but only if we vote. Harnessing the power of Drag culture and political engagement we will activate people in our community who may otherwise never be civically engaged.

To accomplish this we must identify and aid local LGBTQ+ organizers and event planners to begin standing up activations in their communities. Ahead of press or promotion, we have begun to build a map of activations across the nation in partnership with March On the Polls using the https://votewith.us/ website. We expect there to be hundreds of local mobilizations by November 3rd. These last weeks leading up to the election are crucial in swinging the vote and we’ll need all hands on deck. Weekly Host support calls will be scheduled to guide resources 

If you are interested in organizing a local Drag to the Polls event contact thomas@futurecoalition.org

Your voice matters!