Thanks for helping turn out voters during early voting!
Together, we can make history!

1. Check to see if there is already an activation in your area by going to VoteWith.Us.

Before registering your own event, see if someone has already started the process of organizing near you – maybe you can combine forces! Please review the Event Conduct Agreement so you understand the spirit of these activations.

2. Decide what kind of activation you’re going to plan.

There are plenty of ways to #Votewithus, both in-person and digital! We have lots of advice on how to do this in our toolkit – and you can look at the activations already on the map for inspiration! Your activation can be you and your bestie doing an IG live to talk about issues on your ballot, or it can be on a much larger scale or elaborate – basically, any effort to get people to vote counts as an activation, and helps inspire others to do the same!

3. Register your activation. If you haven’t already, get your activation on the map by registering your event.

By registering, you will gain access to a host of exclusive organizer tools and support. You don’t need a permit or even a location established to register your activation — all you need is the idea to host one! If you need help getting in touch with a host for an event email

4. Make and Use Graphics!

We have a comprehensive folder with tons of great graphics that are ready to use, as well as templates if you want to customize your own!

Download images for social media, as well as editable files to make your own graphics here.

5. Create your organizing team.
If you don’t already have an organizing team, invite your friends, neighbors, and community organizers you know to assist in sponsoring and organizing the activation. Be sure to reach out to organizations and communities you don’t know much about. Diversity is our biggest strength; activations are a great way to get out there and start meeting new people. We are stronger when we include people from all different backgrounds and communities.

6. Reach out to organizations that might be interested in joining your activation.
Religious or spiritual institutions, schools, colleges and universities, social justice organizations, and national organizations are all great places to connected.

7. Nail down logistics.
Take care of logistical details as soon as you can, such as the timing of the event, directions, parking/carpooling. If you’re doing something larger, it’s very important you work to keep people safe, especially regarding logistics and space: bathrooms, sound system, ADA compliance, COVID compliance, permits for use of public spaces, and more.

8. Spread the word through traditional and social media.
Promote your event through social media and as it approaches, contact local media to make sure they cover your activities. Check out the media section in this toolkit for more information.

9. #VoteWithUS!
This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, so have lots of fun! The people at your activation will feel inspired and want to become part of your local movement for change. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and video!

10. Report Back.
Make sure to use your social media channels and encourage participants to do the same. Use the following hashtag: #VoteWithUs