Frequently Asked Questions

It’s the best way to ensure sure your vote is received on time and processed securely. Even if you have already applied for your mail-in ballot, most states allow you to vote early in-person or drop off your absentee ballot in-person, so you know it’s counted by Election Day.
By voting early in person, you can also avoid potential crowds on November 3, and vote on your time, on your schedule. Early voting in counties also can often be done at multiple locations that may be more convenient for you, with potential weekend options for voting, and expanded hours. So you get to decide when to go.
And, you’d be doing your part to spread out voting over longer periods of time, to help reduce stress on the voting system on Election Day, which means less stress for voters and poll-workers and safer COVID conditions.

Yes, it is. In some states, in-person early voting is sometimes called “in-person absentee voting”. On this site, we use the generic term “Early Voting” to mean both “in-person early voting” and “in-person absentee voting.”
However, it is important that you check what the rules are in your state. “In-person absentee voting” may be limited and voters may have to meet specific criteria as to why they are not able to vote in person.